Netflix! Where is the Queue?!?! | REVIEW

Jeresy Shore Netflix


We recently purchased a Western Digital WD Live box so that we could start watching Netflix. I had heard from friends and co-workers that the selection on Netflix was quite sparse, but considering that we have no cable or any other means of getting content, we made the decision that a limited selection is better than nothing.

Why a WD Live box? We still have an SD TV and the WD Live box is one of the few over-the-top boxes that has composite video.

To say that the Netflix Canada catalogue is limited is an understatement. In less than two month we burned through everything that interested us. Now we are sifting through the crap to find something to watch.

One of the great features about Netflix, so I’ve heard, is the Netflix Queue. Unfortuantely, this feature is not widely available in Canada. It has been released in beta, and some people I know do have it, however, it isn’t out there for the masses.

To try and get this featured enabled on my account, I called Netflix’s customer support, but had no luck. They said they would put a note on my account so that when they sent out the next round of beta invites, I’d be on it. In the meantime they suggested I visit What’s New on Netflix Canada to find new releases. While this site is good for seeing what’s new, at the same time, it highlights how little new content is being added to the site.

Since Netflix couldn’t help, I turned to the internet to try and find a hack. There are many discussions online about Instant Queue in Canada, but no solution could be found on forums, blogs and Facebook pages.

Without the queue and the lack of new releases, we have turned to the iPad to discover content. The interface on the iPad and the retina display make it much easier to deep dive into Netflix and find something to watch.

Do you have Netflix Instant Queue in Canada? Have you seen anything good on Netflix lately? Let me know in the comments below!