Wedgease Ski Tip Connector | Review

Wedgease ski tip connector

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To help teach our boys to ski, my wife purchased the Wedgease children’s ski tip connector from We bought one for each boy, but only our youngest, Racer, used it.

This ski instructor approved device improves upon traditional ski tip connectors by providing an effortless clamping system that is easily applied and removed. It doesn’t damage skis, it’s durable and has the attributes of a quality product.

In our experience, the Wedgease has done a phenomenal job of teaching our son how to make a “pizza” aka snow-plow and turn. Week over week we have observed his technique improve. Towards the end of our ski days we remove the Wedgease and are blown away at his control over the skis. His skill level is more advanced than his older brother who learned along side him without the Wedgease.

The Wedgease varies in price, we’ve seen it go for between $19 and $50, so shop around. We purchased ours from for $19.99. The shipping was very fast. We ordered on a Monday or Tuesday and had it by the end of the week so that we can take it to the hill on the weekend.

The Verdict

If your teaching your young ones to ski then you do yourself and your child a favour and pickup a Wedgease. It makes learning easy and skiing more enjoyable – for them and you.