Take the EcoBoost Challenge!

Here’s another fun animated video we created for Ford Canada. This one is for a retail campaign that challenges people to see the difference that Ford’s EcoBoost engines make.

Last summer my family and I borrowed a Ford Escape and put it’s Intelligent 4WD to the test. The Escape had an EcoBoost engine and I was totally surprised at how much more you can get out of an EcoBoost. Our Jeep usually costs about $80 to fill and the Escape $60. On an average trip from Burlington to Noelville the Jeep will take 3/4 of a tank. With the Escape it was just over half a tank!

After taking the EcoBoost challenge myself, I can say that I am a believer. Now if only they would add EcoBoost to the Raptor SVT, I would have my dream vehicle.