Shredding C.J. Skatepark

Our boys have been in skateboard school for over a year now and it is really starting to show. An old friend joked that they have surpassed me. And to be fair, in my old age, they really have. 

For Racer’s birthday this year, we took the boys to CJ’s Skatepark in Etobicoke. CJ’s is the world’s 4th largest Not-For-Profit indoor skateboard park. Founded by old school skater Jay Mandarino, the park and its programs are meant to engage and empower kids in recreational and educational development through skateboarding. 

We had a blast, as you can see in the video. Despite the boys being better than me, I still got out there to shred the bowl and ride the mini ramp. I am proud of the boy’s abilities and also that I can share in the fun with them.