Racing Motor Bike Tricks with iPhone 5s Slow Motion

This weekend we picked up an iPhone 5s for my wife. Our point-and-shoot Canon camera bit the dust at a rainy soccer game a few months ago. And instead of replacing it with another camera, we decided to update the old iPhone 3GS to a 5s because of the praise it has received for the camera and the ability to easily share and edit content using the device.

When we went to get the phone, Fido tried to get us to sign up for a new contract where we would have to forfeit our 6 gig data plan. But a quick call to customer care and we had a new plan that let us keep the data. Being a Fido customer pays, with 5 years of Fido dollars saved, the phone was practically free. The whole customer experience was pleasant. Though it took some time, every one was kind and helpful.

Later in the day we took a trip down the bike path. The boys performed tricks while I filmed them using the iPhone’s slow motion video mode. Slow motion is awesome as you can see in the video above. My favourite shot is when Hunter lifts his bike up off the ground. It looks so awesome.

I edited the video using iMovie for iOS7 right on the phone. The new user interface is beautiful and super intuitive. It literally took me 10 minutes to create the clip. The new iMovie finally makes editing video on the iPhone a pleasant and easy experience. There are going to be a lot more videos in our future!