Practice Makes Perfect – Quantity Over Quality

As a content marketer, I am always trying to create higher quality content in order to create deeper engagement and better deliver on objectives. To do this is no easy task. For over 9 years I have been refining my skills as a storyteller – and while I am great at what I do, there is always room to improve.

I read a great article on The Next Web a few weeks back that said for those of us who want to expose ourselves to high growth opportunities, quantity tops quality because quantity leads to higher quality.

Halifax Turntable Massacre

Me, Sixtoo and Buck 65

In my own experience I can see how true this is. Back in the day when I was a DJ and hip-hop producer, I refined my skills scratching and making beats for hours day after day. Like Kanye in The Next Web article, there was a time where I would make and record three songs a day. With a room full of people ready to spit their verse and listening to the song you just recorded, the feedback loop was shortened and each song better than the one before it.

Now today, with my own personal blog I can see this principle at play again. I write articles and edit short videos of my family with “just do it” as my north star. In doing so, my vision for what this blog – and the content that I create for it – has become more refined.

The old adage of “practice makes perfect” doesn’t just apply to new skills like playing the piano or hockey – it applies to content creation and the creative process. Like the author of the article says: Don’t get stuck trying to get it right the first time. Instead, start making one or two things everyday.

Do you agree with this strategy? Is there something that you apply this principle to on the daily? Let me know in the comments below!