Pinterest is Reddit for Girls

This year I was invited to speak at the Mesh Conference about Pinterest. My presentation went over well. I started with a little call and response to see who in the crowd was on Pinterest. The crowds participation was great, better than I expected actually.

I had a bunch of visual gags and jokes built into my presentation, but they did not receive as many laughs as I was expecting. However, my parting comment “Pinterest is basically Reddit for girls” got a big laugh, 35 mentions on Twitter and my name in the Financial Post. Pretty cool.

Besides presenting, the other highlight for me at Mesh this year was getting the chance to catch up with people I’d met at previous Meshes. My first Mesh was Mesh 2, six years ago, since then my career and the careers of many of the people I know have really take off. It was great to catch up with people this year and to hear about their successes.

Above is the video that really jump started my career. It won the video prize at Mesh 2 and brought a lot of business to More Bigger Video and my career producing video for the web. Leave a comment and let me know if it stands the test of time.