Nitro Circus Live is AWESOME!!!!

Monster Jam has become a big part of our lives. For the past three years we have taken the boys to watch the monster trucks smash and crash through everything in their way.

Nitro Circus Live

This year when we went online to order tickets, we discovered that Nitro Circus Live was coming to Hamilton and since we are all big fans of the show, we decided to change it up this year and go see Travis Pastrana and the gang instead for their first ever Canadian show!

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Racer and Hunter @nitrocircuslive

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The tickets were meant to be a Christmas gift, but we totally blanked and forgot to put them under the tree. So instead, we kept it a secret. Hunter and Racer had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. When we arrived at Copps Coliseum, they were dumbfounded. When they saw that we were going to see Nitro Circus, they were in awe.

There were so many amazing moments during the show. From big air in contraptions (the flying bath tub was amazing) to the FMX train rocketing over the ramps, the action was no stop. One of our favourites was when the roller bladder flew through the air and landed into a giant inflatable ball.

Two of the biggest tricks of the night were Travis’s front flip with the mechanic ridding on the front of his bike and Bruce Cook’s attempt at a double front flip. Travis landed his, but was unable to ride away clean. Bruce on the other hand, was not so lucky as you can see in the video above.

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@nitrocircuslive on fire in #Hamilton

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The Nitro Circus Live show is one of the best events that I have ever been too and despite my love for Monster Jam, I won’t lie, if I had to choose between the two, Nitro Circus wins.

From reading on their website, it sounds like the 2015 show will be a remake of a classic Ringling Brother’s Circus. We will be there for show.