A Very McKay Christmas

Christmas started in our house shortly after Halloween. Our home filled with Christmas music courtesy of RDIO; and baking, recitals at school and decorating the tree have all paved the road to Christmas morning.

This year both Hunter and Racer had their eyes on something special. For Hunter it was a book that contained a list of every known Pokemon. And for Racer it was a new Bruder crane. For the family we bought ski passes to Glen Eden. Last year skiing was a huge success, so this year we wanted to build on that.

Christmas can be expensive and extravagant, but it can be extravagant without being expensive.

We had a bountiful Christmas, but it didn’t break the bank. Through frugal living we were able to get everything our hearts desired. Here are three tips on how you can live the good life too!

  1. Buy things at end of season – We bought our ski passes when they went on sale at the end of the last ski season and were able to get them at a significant discount.
  2. Shop on Kijiji – A lot of the gifts we purchased for the boys weren’t bought in stores, but from Kijiji. For the fraction of the retail price you can score some serious deals on “gently used” goods.
  3. Keep an eye out for deals year round – Racer’s Bruder crane retails for over $100. We found it for less than half price some time in April. It sat in a closet until Christmas and he got what he wanted, with out the hefty price tag.

What are your tips for saving at Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!