I Bought My 5 Year Old a Bow and Arrow

I bought my 5 year old a bow and arrow.

Not some toy from the dollar store. It doesn’t shoot Nerf darts. It shoots arrows.

Is he too young for it? No.

A few weeks ago we took the boys to Treasureventure at the Rockton fairgrounds. There they had the chance to  try a bow and arrow for the first time. Both Hunter (5) and Racer (3)  totally rocked it.

The bow I bought them is called the “Lil Banshee” and is available at Canadian Tire. There is another model that is less expensive, but the reviews on Amazon.com convinced me to buy the Banshee.

We took the Banshee to the cottage and used a big cardboard box as our target. Hunter, and the other kids, all took turns with the bow. Hunter really took to it. It took a bit of time for him to get the hang of it, the string is quite tight and hard to pull back because he is still young, but he developed a technique where he kneels down to pull the string back and let the arrows fly.

If you decide to enable your young Robin Hoods, here are a few recommendations:

  1. Buy more arrows. This kit comes with 2. Unless you want to be constantly retrieving the arrows, get more.
  2. Make sure you have somewhere to shoot it. I’m not sure if there are laws about shooting a bow in your backyard, but to be safe we only use ours at the cottage.
  3. Keep an eye on them. Yeah, this common sense I know, but by no means leave them alone with it. It’s a weapon after all. Last thing you want is for them to shoot their eye out like the kid in A Christmas Story.

We’ve started making our own arrows our of sticks and sharp rocks. If this is something that interests you, check out this great tutorial from wikiHow on how-to make your own arrows!