Howell’s Farm, giant pumpkins and zombie Elvis cut in half

This year we returned to Howell’s Farm to buy our pumpkins. We got lost in the maze for over an hour trying to find the last item on our map. Hunter kept his eyes shut the entire time in the haunted house. Zombies stood no chance against our paintball skills. And we learned that its cheaper to buy really big pumpkins then regular size ones.


Little did we know that the giant pumpkin would be super thick! They took 6 hours to carve.


For the big day, the boys resurrected my Zombie Elvis costume from a years ago and went out as Zombie Elvis cut in half.


The night was a success. They scored a mountain of candy each. And also learned a valuable lesson. Halloween is a family affair. We all play a part. Mommy makes the costume, Daddy takes us from door to door. The boys get the candy. And we all get a quarter of the profits.