F-150 | 47 Years of Leadership Infographic

One of my favourite feelings is the pride I feel when looking at a great piece of content I have been involved in creating. In the past year and a half I have had a lot of reasons to be proud – Zombie Escape, #FusionQC, #FiestaMoments, and now I can add this – the 47 Years of Leadership animated info graphic.

F-Series pickups have been the number one brand of truck in Canada for 47 years – a huge accomplishment! And to celebrate this achievement, we wanted to do something special on the Ford Blog. Originally this video was meant to be a static image, but when the opportunity to work with the voice of F-Series came up, we knew that we had to make this info graphic move!

Can you guess who the voice talent is in the video? Leave your answer in the comments below. And click here to read more about this video on the Ford Blue Blog!