The Evolution of David Cronenberg

In 2003 I started making videos. At the time, I watched a ton movies and TV shows to study storytelling and cinematic techniques. Canadian media fascinated me and I was enamoured by David Cronenberg’s film Videodrome. The idea that television’s medium and messages could cause a physiological effect on a person fascinated me. If the film were made today, I think the internet would be the medium. In an age where we live so much of our lives online, the internet is the “new flesh” prophesied in the film.

David Cronenberg Naked Lunch Mugwump

Recently, my wife and I attended the Cronenberg “Evolution” exhibit at TIFF Bell Lightbox. It was amazing to see artifacts from his films on display. I loved seeing the “Spectacular Optometry International Helmet” from Videodrome and the props from eXistenZ. And the highlight for me was getting my picture taken with the mugwump from Naked Lunch.

The main exhibit takes place on the first floor of the building, but make sure that you journey up to the the fourth floor to check out the Body/Mind/Change Labs.

David Cronenberg Body/Mind/Change

When you walk into the BMC Labs, it is like walking into a Cronenberg film. Bright screens show information about pods, small bio-computers designed to make us better. 3D printers birth the pods which are stored in glass containers filled with liquid. To get a pod you have to go to the BMC website and complete a series of tasks. Once completed, your pod will be available for pickup at the lab during a ceremony in the new year. What is your favourite David Cronenberg movie? Let me know in the comments below? Seen the exhibit? What did you like best? Let me know!