Hi Cheri,

I am a long time advocate of your brand and the perfect person to lead your social marketing program. Why am I the right person for the job? I could give you hundreds of reasons, but I’ve made a list of the top five and here they are.

  1. I’ve done it before, three times – I live and breathe social media marketing. I built a successful video production agency with social. I developed and executed TVOntario’s social media strategy, and evolved and executed Ford of Canada’s social media and content strategy. Through my work, I have been able to show C-Suite executives how social can drive business objectives. My experience includes both consumer and commercial social strategy, social platform management and managing teams of community managers.
  2. Paid, Owned, Earned – My work spans paid, owned and earned channels. I have a deep understanding of how these three components work together to tell the story of a brand. I helped build the owned channels for Ford Canada and TVOntario. I advise on paid media solutions to support campaigns and content. And oversee influencer partnership programs.
  3. Big picture, big ideas – When delivering solutions, my goal is to go beyond the ordinary and deliver something that surprises and delights. My team and I turn insight and analytics into action and adjust campaigns and content to meet program and business objectives.
  4. Bring it all together – Overseeing the strategy and content production for all of Ford of Canada’s social media channels is no sa task. It takes strong project management skills, the ability to drive cross-communication and cooperation with interagency partners. Selling cars in social isn’t easy either. It takes the ability to explain complex things in easy to understand terms, a skill I have honed through 9 years of video production.
  5. I want it – I want to be part of a high performing team that is changing the world. This is an incredible opportunity. Leading social for the Windows Phone, Surface, Windows 8 and Office – is awesome. I want it. And I will do a great job.

In the job posting, you asked if I am looking to make a difference by shaping the way one of the top brands in the world embraces the social opportunity. My answer is YES. I recognize what a great opportunity this is and look forward to meeting you in person to discuss how we can succeed together.