Cardboard Cars for Halloween!

Last year my wife made the boys some serious Halloween costumes. Hunter was Batman with a Batmobile made of cardboard boxes and Racer was a construction worker driving a steamroller (also made of cardboard). The level of detail that went into these costumes is amazing. The reaction from people when we went trick-or-treating was awesome. The smiles on peoples faces were priceless.


This year for the Ford Blog we wanted to write a post about DIY Halloween costumes for people who love cars, and so who better to help with the post then my wife!

For the post we choose three costumes: Ken Block, an air freshener and Steve McQueen from Bullitt. Odile, who manages the Ford Quebec blog created her own Ken Block costume, while my wife took on the air freshener and Bullitt costumes.


The air freshener was a couple of hours of work – tracing the pattern, cutting out the tree, painting it and then adding the labels. The 1968 Mustang from Bullitt, however, took a couple of days.


Made from two large cardboard boxes, she worked day and night for four days constructing the car. Details like the backend, the headlights and the chrome work really put the car over the top. It truly amazes me what she can do.

You can read the full blog post on the Ford Blog here. We will be posting a how-to guide next week that shows how you can make your own Mustang!

What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever made? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Halloween!