Anchor Bar Hamilton Review


Eating ridiculous food is a hobby of mine. Long before Man vs. Food I was was challenging myself and friends with new combinations of food like the “chicken/beef Whopper” and the “donair/BBQ chicken/poutine pizza”. As I’ve gotten older and with advent of Food TV shows and the fantastic iPhone app “TV Food Maps“, I’ve moved from creating new foods to sampling some of the best restaurants television has to offer.

A short history of the Buffalo Wing

A few years ago I rediscovered the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY. The Anchor Bar is the birth place of the Buffalo chicken wing. 49 years ago today, the Buffalo wing was invented by Teressa Bellissimo. Her son and his friends were looking for a late night snack, so she deep-fried some wings, added some secret sauce and the rest is history. My first taste of the Anchor Bar’s famous wings was as a kid growing up in the Niagara region. My dad would travel to Buffalo for business and I remember him bringing wings home for the family.

Recently, the Anchor bar has spread it’s wings and opened its first Canadian franchise in Hamilton. Visiting the Hamilton location has been a priority for my wife and I, so when our second wedding anniversary came around this past week, we couldn’t resist celebrating the occasion at the Anchor.

Are the wings really that good?

Yes. The wings are really that good, if you are looking for classic deep-fried wings. There’s no breading on these birds, which is a marked departure from the wings you’ll eat in most establishments. Me personally, I prefer my wings cooked this way.

The mild and hot sauce are solid, but the suicide is killer (pardon the pun). In my younger days I was big on hot sauce, putting it on everything and constantly testing my limits by eating hotter and hotter hot sauce, these days, not so much. Anchor Bar suicide sauce is perfect, it has the right balance of heat and flavour.

To round out our meal we added a poutine and an order of mini red velvet cupcakes. The poutine wasn’t really anything special. The cupcakes, imported from Buffalo, were delicious, but at $1.99 each, are too rich for my blood to buy again.


What’s the verdict?

The meal was everything I expected it to be – great wings and hot sauce. It was, however, quite expensive for what it was. And because of this, I doubt that trips to the Anchor Bar will become a regular thing for our family. That said, if you haven’t been to the Anchor Bar, its worth the trip, if only to say that you ate at the home of the Buffalo wing.

Where’s your favourite place to eat chicken wings? Let me know in the comments below! Know of any other great restaurants in the Halton region? Tell me about them!