6 Year Old Skiing Glen Eden Terrain Park

When my father asked us to get the boys something special for Christmas, we knew there was only one thing the boys really wanted – passes to the Glen Eden Terrain Park.

Last year we skied as much as we could and the boys took to it like nobody’s business. At the end of last season we bought passes for this season so we could fuel our new passion with unlimited access to the hill. And over the winter break, we must have skied close to 10 times. Between last year and this one, the boys have more-or-less mastered the beginners terrain park, and have had their eyes on the big one.

At Glen Eden, season passes don’t include access to the Terrain Park. If you want to ride the course you need to complete a safety quiz and pay an extra fee. Both Hunter and Racer passed the test, no questions asked and are quite possibly now the youngest riders in the park.

Four year-old Racer signs the Terrain Park waiver

Four year-old Racer signs the Terrain Park waiver

Over on Unofficial Networks, they have a blog post with a list of “6 Stupid Things People Do In The Terrain Park”. I am unabashed to declare that I an number 5 on that list – #1 Dad. Racer is the “one kid who decides to take a slide on his bottom down the rail, usually getting stuck trying to get on and ruining the on ramp” (as you can see in the video above). But Hunter takes the jumps no problem and can ride the boxes like a champ.

While I can emphasize with the author of the post and the commenters, I won’t begrudge my boys the opportunity to learn and experience the park. They’ve paid their dues in the beginner hill, they are respectful of others on the hill, and they spend more time upright and riding then most snowboarders learning to ride on the ski hills.

Do you ski or snowboard? How old were you or your kids when you started out? Got any advice on how to learn to do tricks in the terrain park? Let me know in the comments below!