4 Best Apps for Blogging Using an iPad

Do you blog using your iPad?

During our trip to Isla Mujeres I had the opportunity to catch up on some blogging. For the trip, I left the laptop at home and brought the iPad. I used a number of different apps to facilitate blogging and I think that I have come up with the perfect set of apps for blogging using an iPad.


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I’ve used both the WordPress app and Blogsy for blogging, and I think that Posts is the best. The app is elegant and has a look very similar to Reeder, one of my favourite RSS applications. Functionally it has everything you need and in some ways, it is more intuitive and better laid out then both WordPress and Blogsy.


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To decrease load times on my site, I like to host my photos on Flickr and embed them in my posts. With no official Flickr app for the iPad, I searched high and low for the perfect Flickr app for the iPad. Flickstackr won hands down. The interface and usability are great, but what I like best is how easy it is to grab the embed code for photos. By clicking on the view in browser option from the menu, you can open up the image on Flickr and quickly grab the code. It would be great if you could grab the embed code from within the app, but the workaround I’ve described is easy and works well.


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This is my favourite photo editing app. I was an early convert to Snapseed and I’ve never looked back. The UI and filters are great. I haven’t found a photo editing app that I like better. What photo editing apps do you use? Is there something that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to get some suggestions.

Pinnacle Studio

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I’ve worked as a video editor for close to 10 years and I have used almost every video editing app, whether it be Mac, PC, or iOS based. Before using Pinnacle, I used iMovie on the iPad. On the iPhone I tried Reel Director and 1st Video. While Pinnacle Studio for the iPad won’t replace a desktop editor, the workflow is the most intuitive of iOS video editors. The storyboard and trim modes in the timeline are fantastic and make it easy to edit and sequence clips. The process for setting in/out points in the clip viewer is the best I have seen yet.


What tools do you use for blogging on your iPad or iPhone? Are there any that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below!