3 Family Friendly Hip-Hop Albums

It’s funny how our perception changes once we’ve had children.

I love rap music. Not just rap, but gangster rap.

As my boys have gotten older, I have become more cognoscente of the language in the music as I endeavour to protect young ears.

To that end, I have sought out hip-hop albums that are more family-friendly so that my sons can share in the music I love.

Below is a list of  my three favourite family friendly albums. Above you’ll find a rap video that I made with my eldest son Hunter.

My Top 3 Family Friendly Hip-Hop Albums:

  1. U.M.C.’s “Fruits of Nature” – this album is a hip-hop classic. Released in 1991, it is famous for the hit single “Blue Cheese”. This album is hilarious and filled with family friendly songs.
  2. Kid ‘N Play “2 Hype” – I love Kid ‘N Play, and I love this album. Overall it is clean, although you may want to skip past “Last Night”. Some of my favourite songs are on this album, including “Do This My Way”,  “Rollin with Kid ‘N Play” and “Hype”.  Also on the album is “Doing the Kid ‘N Play Kickstep”, something I plan on teaching my sons when they are old enough.
  3. De La Soul “3 Feet High and Rising” – this is perhaps one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. With songs like “The Magic Number”, “Say No Go” and “Plug Tunin”, it’s guaranteed to keep the family humming and singing along. But not only is the music great, the album is full of hilarious skits thanks to the comedy stylings of Prince Paul.

What kind of music do you listen to with your kids? Got some suggestions? leave them in the comments below!